Life’s Too Short!

God’s timing is, as usual, just perfect. After two years of life interrupted, I just got a great report from the breast surgeon and oncologist in late Spring with orders not to come around for a year unless something out of the ordinary shows back up on my doorstep. No sooner had I finished my happy dance than God began to roll out his will for my immediate future like a red carpet. Inviting and bright, it beacons me to a place I’ve yearned for. It’s like sitting in a rainstorm after an unexpected and unplanned vacation in the desert.

After years of advising and helping others get published, I am finally working on a book project of my own! Earlier in the year a publisher approached me about writing book 2 in a series called, “Life’s Too Short.”  I’ll be writing a collection of 70 short essays to young women on living life authentically and what’s important in the process. It’s slated to be on the shelves in April, so with a November 1 deadline breathing down my neck, it’s a sure bet I’ll be eating and sleeping “Life’s Too Short” for the next four months! After a recent meeting with my agent, Terry presented me with a new crock pot recipe book. I’m pretty sure that’s his way of saying he’ll be okay fishing his dinner out of the crock pot if I can just manage to throw the ingredients in there in the morning before getting immersed in my writing task for the day. Teamwork at it’s best!

So, as I begin writing today, I’d like to invite you along for the journey. Here’s where you come in …

In the context of your own life, how would you finish the sentence: “Life’s too short …?

I’m truly interested in hearing your perspectives as I write these chapters over the next few months, so jump right in. Wax poetic. Be opinionated.  Impart witty repartee. Tell me how you really feel. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, just life experiences that spill back into the true reality of living. Don’t be a stranger …


14 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short!

  1. Life’s too short to get lost in the tough stuff and forget the fun along the way.

    I have two sons. I can get wound up in the dirt, bugs, and bodily functions and miss the joy of the boys I’ve been given. I always hope I’ll be lifted from it into love and laughter sooner than later.

  2. Life’s too short to get so caught up in the busyness of life that your forget to enjoy watching your children discover the world around them.

    I have two daughters (4 years & 2 years) and am discovering that it is really easy to forget to slow down and just enjoy the moments in life that they are experiencing for the first time.

  3. Life’s too short to wish it away. Be present in your life. Don’t wait for the next big event or next big thing or until you lose 50 pounds or make x amount of money to start living…life is happening now. Your children are growing up, your parents are aging, embrace every moment and “count it all joy”.

  4. Life’s too short to wish you were someone else. Life is full of people you think have a better situation than you do – smarter, prettier, richer, better dressed, more charm, etc. Key is to figure out your own strengths, talents and unique contributions to the world and live it up. Be you. Embrace your beauty, oddities, and specific perspective on the world. We all have something to offer no one else can.

  5. Life’s too short to waste being defined by someone else.

    You were made on purpose for a purpose. We’re called to run the race marked out for us. Our race (and who we are) will not look like anyone else’s. When we decide to let other people tell us what our race should look like, I think we miss out on an awful lot. I think we get frustrated and worn down, feeling like something’s not quite right. I think we miss out on views and beauty that have been expertly and lovingly picked out for us to see.

    Staying on the path is very difficult. Jesus said the way was narrow. We have to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and tune our wills to his leadership.

    Life’s too short to waste on the wrong path Don’t give it up listening to the wrong voice.

  6. Life is too short to always focus on the future.

    After watching the new Toy Story, I’m already dreading the day, still 16 years away, that I send my first child off to school. I worry about so many things out of my control in the future.

    As a mother of toddlers, it’s hard to see many days as being “too short” – even as I look back and see time flying. In my day to day, it’s not about life being too short, but great moments not lasting long enough. As Charlotte learns to walk, I want time to freeze so I can soak in every second of joy with her… then I want her to hurry up and go to bed so I can have a few minutes to get things done or unwind. Or, when I heard Cy count to 10 for the first time, I wanted that moment to go on for eternity.

    Life is too short for regrets… second guessing… looking backward.

    Life is the perfect amount of time to do what God made you for – but not a minute longer. (Cliche, I know.)

    Life is too short to be angry.

    Life is too short to stress about things that aren’t eternal.

    P.S. Congrats, Kathy, on this cool book deal! Can’t wait to read it! See you soon.

  7. Life is too short- we are busy raising or families, working, and gettig through the years to spend time with our parent. An adult relationshop with a parent/grandparent is wonderful and you will listen to what they have to say NOW becuase you now know that they are not trying to boss you but tell you what they have experienced.

    Can’t wait for the book.

  8. Scattered thoughts = you said not to think!

    Time is an interesting dimension, feeling and look. I remember reading a book about time, past, present and future, basically purporting that we respect our past, present and future selves. We look and feel different in the past than we do in the present and can only hope for the best in the future. Things look different in the past than the present. Our minds change over time and thus affect our outlook. I say life is short because by the time we grasp what “time” means in our lives they are half over. If we have not respected our past selves then our comprehension of time is very short.

    Time also seems to have different speeds. When one is doing something dreadful, time just drags on. When we have fun time seems to speed up. I suspect this has more to do with how we use our energy in a given minute than with time itself, thus the feeling of different speeds.

    Past time seems shorter than future time, and present time lasts as long as we breathe. I am always surprised at how much time has gone since I am focused on the present. So when we are older we can say life is too short. When we are younger we do not have the same experience of time passing since it is perceived as present for a shorter amount of time.

    And it may have something to do with how we do not respect our past selves by reflecting on the past. We are driven by the present and future. This is why life is short!

    Looking at photo albums helps us respect our past selves and give us a sense of satifation as a result.

  9. I totally get what you are saying about the dimensions of time, Kim. It’s something I have been thinking about a lot especially in these last few weeks with Terry’s mom. I wasn’t planning to write about it so soon but it’s one of the chapters I am working on. Your thoughts are very timely. Thank you for letting it fly!

  10. Kathy,

    I can’t wait to read your bestselling book!!!

    The first thought that popped into my head was, “Life’s too short NOT to love with open abandon.” The second thought was, “Do I live my life that way?”

    Love ya,


  11. Lifes’s too short to hold a grudge
    Life’s too short to count the calories
    Life’s too short to worry about eyeliner/pedicures
    Life’s too short to personify your clorox wipes
    Life’s too short to check the scale
    Life’s too short to keep your training wheels
    Life’s too short to second guess yourself
    Life’s too short to not own a dog
    Life’s too short to live it alone
    Life’s too short to tandom with your bank account (letting that control your every move and decisions)
    Life’s too short to forget to fingerpaint (not be creative and be afraid to get messy)
    Life’s too short to abandon adventure
    Life’s too short to not get inked (wink)
    Life’s too short to make it all about you
    Life’s too short to ignore the need
    Life’s too short for skinny lattes

    K$, these are a couple that me and some pals came up with. I think the general thought we were feeling is that there are so many things that we as women/people are kinda being told (shown) is the right or proper way to live, act, and appear. We’re feeling like – we dont want spend our energy worrying about fitting some kind of mold and would rather just jump in head first and be who we are within who God made us to be.

    More to come i’m sure 🙂

    Love you!

  12. Life is too short, so don’t beat yourself up when you mess up. Parenting is difficult. Maintaining a relationship is difficult. Communication is difficult. Some people will try and placate who and what you should be. Be true to yourself and love yourself. When you can do this for yourself, you will have victory in life. Then you will be a friend, a lover and the person God created you to be.

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